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About The ReUnion Process

"My experience of the ReUnion work Jeremy does comes on many levels. My first was with a migraine syndrome I have been plagued with for years, of which I am now free.

"The second was when I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. Jeremy's sessions, advice. and poultices had even the medical doctors amazed. Never had they seen a bite like it heal so quickly and leave so little permanent damage.

"I am fortunate that my beginning sessions were in person with Jeremy, and I was quite surprised to find that, when he moved from Atlanta to Chicago, distance did not make the sessions less powerful. The work transcends time and space.

"There is a freeing of the spirit available though the ReUnion of generations... This work has helped in my personal and business life. I will continue to seek Jeremy's help and guidance in the future."

-- O. Taylor
College Park, GA

"The ReUnion Process is a healing RITUAL in that it has a specific form that is used in every session and within which 'the Inner' can noninvasively offer itself for healing. It is a PRAYER in that it is performed within a state of Surrender and the consequent sacred space created between client and facilitator. It is a STORY in that it incrementally reveals 'the Inner's' narrative describing the force patterns that are to be understood and cleared by the client."

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At its heart, The ReUnion Process is a spiritual process, one that incorporates elements of insight-bearing physical modalities for the purpose of discovering and clearing core issues that are held in your body.

Undistinguished internal issues – e.g. unresolved trauma(s), false beliefs that were indoctrinated and bought into at a young age, stories that have been interpreted as reality or used to survive a traumatic event(s), etc. – can manifest themselves in external ways, be they in your health, relationships, finances, and/or other areas of life.

Held as cellular memories within your body or as forces in your energetic field – i.e. memories from your current life, ancestral histories, and/or potential past lives you may have experienced – they disconnect the unity of your inner and outer selves. This can show up in all manner of expressions, ranging from who you are, what you do and what you have, to how you interpret the events in your life. They also impact how you relate to others and how the overall experience of life occurs for you.

The ReUnion Process reunites the disparate parts and integrates them in such a way that you experience Wholeness of Oneness. Through the use of muscle testing, acupressure, energetic bodywork and guided imagery, and upon completion of your "resolving" time, which can range from a few hours to a few days, or on rare occasions a longer period of time, you are free from these forces forever.

As there may be many forces simultaneously impacting you, which can result in a specific behavior(s), there is no guarantee that you will have all forces cleared at once. However, clearing the forces that arise during your session allows for a greater sense of clarity and greater capacity for letting what you seek come to fruition.

The ReUnion Process can be used to clear the forces that have manifested in a multitude of concerns, be they with your own person, other people, places, and/or even pets.


The ReUnion Process is a healing art, one that is subtle in its application and powerful in its effects.

To learn more about The ReUnion Process or to schedule a session, please contact me.