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About Jeremy Farrell

"Working with Jeremy has really helped me refocus and remove blockages that had been with me for ages. I can clearly see how the work we did together has helped me open myself up to life's messages and gifts. I have reconnected with parts of myself that I forgot existed."

-- Matthew A., Restaurant General Manager, San Francisco, CA

"I'm in awe of Jeremy's work in the ReUnion Process. Being a conduit for healing and ascension of others is a noble and sacred path. Our sessions have been vital for me through seasons of discovery and love of myself and others. My highest recommendations."

-- Reverend Bender

When I learned about The ReUnion Process and experienced its powerful and long-lasting effects, I knew that I wanted to, had to, share this healing art with others. It has made and continues to make a profound difference for me and my clients, and I know that it can do the same for anyone who is open to experiencing ReUnion for themselves.

I took the nearly year-long course with Peter Scupham, the creator of The ReUnion Process, in Atlanta, GA, and received my certification as a ReUnion Process Facilitator in October 2006. I have been facilitating it with clients ever since.

In addition to The ReUnion Process, I also offer bodywork sessions to clients. These include forms of kinesiology, hands-on bodywork and/or energy work, and can be added to a ReUnion session or received as a service on its own.

I primarily conduct in-person ReUnion sessions at clients' residences or other requested locations throughout the Atlanta metro area. And since The ReUnion Process is not limited to the confines of time or space, I also facilitate sessions by phone or videoconferencing.

Sessions are by appointment only from Monday through Friday between 10AM and 4PM Eastern Time. For sessions on other days or at different times, please contact me. To schedule your session, please use the Scheduling Form. Thank you.

Jeremy Farrell
Jeremy Farrell
Certified ReUnion Facilitator