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"No joke. No exaggeration. No lie. ReUnion works like nothing else, and Jeremy is the go-to guy for it.

"Both during and since the two sessions that I recently had with him, things started shifting. My body's been healing inside and out, new clients have been showing up, and more of what I truly desire has been coming about - all without my having to 'do' anything except get clear of the blocks I didn't know were there... It's powerful.

"Seriously, ReUnion is like energetic Metamucil - it gets rid of the crud and makes room for the good stuff - and everyone can benefit from it."

-- Linda J.
Decatur, GA
The British TV Place

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Experience the Process.

The process is The ReUnion Process, an elegant and powerful spiritual technology that frees you from the cage of family, cultural, ancestral, and past-life programming. Utilizing elements of many disciplines, such as muscle testing, acupressure, energetic bodywork and guided imagery, The ReUnion Process restores spiritual clarity, emotional freedom and physical vitality, and opens you to a happy and successful life.

During the years that I have been facilitating The ReUnion Process, I have witnessed the transformation of hundreds of clients – energetic and experiential shifts in their thought processes, emotional responses, physical bodies, and spiritual natures – that have allowed them to move forward with grace, create their hearts' desires, manifest them with ease, and live in a state of flow.

If clearing unseen blockages and forces that impede or prevent you from being, doing, having, and experiencing all the joys of life is something that matters to you, consider The ReUnion Process. It really does work wonders. And if your experience of your Self and your life is already magical, then The ReUnion Process can support you in elevating it to an even higher level.

I look forward to sharing this healing art with you.

Jeremy Farrell
Certified ReUnion Facilitator